Meet Vasilis & Christina
The couple who made their dream true.
Fresh local Food cooked with love.
What means Nisi ?
NISI is the Greek word for Island
 our Idea of Island Kitchen, and that reflect the tastes and flavours of the Island Thassos and whole Greece.
An Island to relax , enjoy and have a nice time, created with love .
Who are we ?
Vasilis the Owner and Chef , has a lot of expirience in Greek traditional cooking as he was a Chef for Greek Sailors on Trading Ships and and doing Gastronomie for the last 30 Years.
Christina  Owner Waitres , Sommiere , Woman for everything and Vasilis Wife is a Dropout from Germany, half German half Greek . Tiered of her Job in Germany 
Head of Customer Service she searched for her Roots
and discovered her love to Greek Food and her Husband Vasilis.
What' s so diffrent in Restaurant Nisi Island Kitchen ??
Nisi Kitchen uses fresh, and if any possible local Products .
The Herbs and organic Olive Oil comes out of our own production.
In NISI Island Kitchen we use only fresh Meat, Vegetable,
Fish and Seafood of high quality produced or caught from local Fisherman, Farmers and Butchers wich help us
with this big Challenge to serve only the best Quality.
Our Greek Specialities are a reflection of traditional Greek
and Thassian Dishes with the twist to change traditional
Dishes to a new creation sometimes with Products as Thassos Pinehoney, Mountain Thyme, and local Cheeses as Manouri
or Anthotiro, Graviera and much more.
Specialized in Seafood and fresh local Fish,
you will find a wide range of creative
Main Dishes, Meze, Pasta and more.....
Daily changing Menus gives you the chance to try Dishes which are not fixed in our Menu.
Last but not least a big choice of Meze
to give you the genuine Greek feeling,  accompanied by good greek WInes or Ouzo !
All our Meals are freshly cooked to order that takes time and a lot of Love.......,
meanwhile do it the greek way, have a drink , talk, enjoy
and relax .
Vasilis & Christina and the Restaurnat NISI Island Team